All American Cocker Spaniels Louisiana

Breeder of Champion Pedigree AKC registered Cocker Spaniels in South Louisiana.

Customer reviews A Pleasant Experience

I found Michelle by chance searching the internet for Cocker Spaniel breeders in Louisiana. I contacted her to inquire about possible puppies. This was in August 2016. I received a call from her on 9/4 saying that a litter of 5 puppies were born on 9/3! I was thrilled, requested a girl, and sent in my paperwork with a deposit. At three weeks, we went to visit and to see the puppies. I picked the most beautiful chocolate little girl. Michelle was very accommodating in allowing us to visit and sent numerous pictures and videos while we waited to pick our baby up. We picked our Hazel Burke up on 10/29 and have been quite thrilled with her. She's got a very social, playful personality. Everyday is a new adventure. I recommend Michelle 100%. She's a wonderful breeder with a great knowledge of the breed. Her puppies are all healthy and well taken care of. They have great starts in life. We love our baby and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Michelle again.

Reviewer: Aimee, May 24, 2017 Michelle Is the best cocker spaniel breeder!

My Fiancé and I purchased a buff boy named Bentley in 2013. We have been in love with him since day one and knew we would want another one in about 4 years! Bentley turns 4 in august and we purchased our second baby boy this month! We are so excited to take our little Leo home and begin making memories with him as well! Bentley is the most loving, laid back, and affectionate dog I have ever met or owned. We were excited to find out Bentley and Leo both have the same dad! I highly reccomend Michelle if looking for a cocker spaniel! She is one on one with the puppies until you take them home!

Reviewer: Amber, May 24, 2017 OUR BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS PUPPY

When I called Michelle, my 1st impression was of someone who was knowledgeable about the breed, but mostly compassionate & caring. Knowing we were still hurting from the loss of our beloved Cocker of 11 yrs, she showed us great patience & kindness. She allowed us to visit & see her Cockers, including a recent liter of beautiful babies. That 1st impression of Michelle was reinforced on our visit. She truly cared for her dogs & about those to whom she sold her puppies. We were able to interact with her Cockers including the mom who was carrying our Holly. After birth she shared many pics/videos. We were blessed to find Michelle & Holly came home with us the week before Christmas 2015. She is a beautiful, smart little girl who we love very much. She loves to play & return our love. When we took her on vacation she was great on the road & so good with our g/children. We receive many compliments about Holly & would definitely recommend Michelle.

Reviewer: Wayne, September 26, 2016    [ Delete ] An Excellent Puppy & A Dedicated Breeder

Sophie came into my heart March 2016 & Michelle has been a friend from the start...she listened to my grief over the loss of my last Cocker, but never pushed me into getting another. She provided pictures & videos of Sophie, answered every question I could think of, & was very patient with me. When we picked up Sophie, it was obvious that Michelle loves the breed. The puppies had been raised in her living room so they were well socialized & I was able see all of her Cocker "children." Every dog was healthy & gorgeous with great temperament! Sophie had been bathed, groomed & I left with her shot records & Michelle's contact info. Any time I call her, she always shares what she knows. Sophie is just stunning. On vacation, people couldn't believe how beautiful she is! A pet photographer even asked to take pictures! I cannot recommend Michelle enough. She is a dedicated breeder with high standards!

Reviewer: Michelle, September 12, 2016 The Best Cocker Spaniel

We purchased our Cocker Spaniel 2 1/2 years ago from Michelle. He has the best personality and is a beautiful dog. He is a friend to everyone and is a great companion. We take him everywhere with us. He is a healthy, happy Cocker Spaniel and very intelligent. We have been so pleased with him. Thank you Michelle ��

Reviewer: J, July 18, 2015 Love our beautiful boys Rex and Champ!!

We purchased Rex in Aug 2012 from Michelle and was very pleased with her knowledge of the cocker spaniel breed and how much she truly care for each puppy as though they were her own. Rex was up to date with all his shots, cleaned, and groomed when we arrived to pick him up. Three years later, we decided that Rex needed a little brother and didn't think twice about where we were going to go to get him one. For several months, we checked her website and emailed her telling her our interest when finally, our little Champ was born in April 2015. Michelle made it very easy for us to fall in love with him and again treated him as though he was her own. We finally picked him up this month and he was up to date with his shots, cleaned, and groomed. I highly recommend contacting Michelle if you are interested in purchasing a cocker spaniel, you will not be disappointed!!

Reviewer: Codi, May 27, 2015    [ Delete ] Truly dedicated Breeder

We purchased a parti colored male from Michelle on Feb 2015 prior to that we had visited her home to view the puppies. You could tell she really care about her animals and is very informative. Meeting her was like talking to a friend you knew all your life she is really a nice person and all of her dogs are extremely well taken care of. We picked out a little male puppy. Michelle would send me a pic of our puppy to show us how he was growing. He is an amazing lil dog no health problems and extremely loving. Everyone that has seen him ask where we bought him. Even had a friend of mine share his picture on Facebook saying he was the prettiest lil puppy she had ever seen. He truly is a beautiful dog. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to buy a cocker spaniel puppy you will definatley not be disappointed.

Reviewer: gena, May 15, 2015    [ Delete ] Our New Puppy Maggie

When I first contacted Michelle, I didnt know if I really wanted a puppy. We had just lost our beloved Pepper of 15 years. But through conversations, Michelle made me realize, get another one. She was extremely knowledgeable,and encouraged a visit to see where they were born and meet the parents of the puppies(which really was important to me). I felt like I may have bothered her a lot but she said Not at all. She is very personable and I highly recommend her. We have now had our little Maggie for 2 weeks and she is wonderful. Our Vet said that she was in perfect health and that this breeder knew how to take care of them for their first 8 weeks. Even though we have the puppy now, I still feel that I could contact Michelle for any questions. She has become more than just a business deal for me. I consider her a friend.If you want a good puppy, contact Michelle and you will be extremely satisfied.

Reviewer: Veron, March 31, 2015    [ Delete ] Our Sweet Chocolate Kiss

It hasn't even been a week but it's all over!!! Kai has us eating out of the palm of his paws. These first days have been so very wonderful. Before anymore time went by we wanted to tell you how much we love and appreciate you and this wonderful Chocolate lover. Everything you did from start to finish was all that we could have hoped for from a breeder/friend.Kai(who now joins his brothers Kemba and Kona) is wonderful. People stop in their tracks to marvel at how wonderful he is. A lady was driving and pulled over to ask about him. This is just the first week. He has adjusted very well. He is already "with the program" as far as becoming house broken. He is sleeping through the night and we're bonding more each day. We can't say enough about the total experience. Please do not hesitate to refer any potential clients to us for a recommendation. Now I get to return the favor by sending you a few choice photos I took today. God Bless Bill and Joy Smith Los Angeles

Reviewer: William, March 30, 2015    [ Delete ] Wonderful puppies!

If you are looking for high quality healthy puppy then this is the place. The seller truly cares for her dogs and puppies. My father is a vet and my Aunt use to show cocker puppies. This seller passed all of their test! I will definelty stay in contact with the seller. My puppy is 10 weeks old and has been wonderful. She is great with kids and loves attention.

Reviewer: Megan, February 13, 2014    [ Delete ] Riley an Gracie

My wife and I puchaced two female puppies from Michelle and are very happy with the puppies. She was very knowledgable and very friendly. We purchaced the pups about 6 months apart and they are very well suited to our family in all aspects and we would buy from her again.

Reviewer: Andrew, February 1, 2014    [ Delete ] Friends foever

while wheeling from the lost of our little Girl Cocker Spaniel Chloe, I wondered if I would ever replace that void I had deep inside my heart, but that all changed when I met Michelle by accident while viewing photos of cocker puppies online, I ran across Michelle Web Site (All American Cocker Spaniels Louisiana)Well we became friends right from the start. Michelle explained that a litter of puppies was expected in November, I could not wait. Michelle text me often and we spoke on the cell from time to time about the expecting Mother Maggie, Michelle sent many photos after the birth of the puppies and man my heart was on fire ever since. Well I not only had the opportunity to purchase one beautiful Cocker Girl but also bought a second from the litter. I am very happy with Michelle service, knowledge and caring even after Grace and Morgan were in there new home. Thanks Michelle for your Friendship, Roy Cangelosi.

Reviewer: Roy, January 14, 2014    [ Delete ] Wonderful breeder, great puppy

From the first contact I had with Michelle, she was friendly and answered all my questions. She posted pictures, and texted me the growth progress of the puppy I had on reserve. When I went to pick up my puppy, she was great in person, and had a warm and friendly home. It is clear she really cares about the animals she keeps and breeds. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a new furry addition to their home!

Reviewer: jayme, January 9, 2014    [ Delete ] Love our beautiful Cocker Spaniel

We purchased a female Cocker Spaniel from Michelle Guidry in 2011. Her name is Be'Be". She is AKC registered and her quality is exceptional. She is very healthy, has a wonderful temperament with my children, and is remarkably intelligent. We love our sweet puppy and even our vet compliments us on her health and beauty every time we go for our well visits. I would recommend Mrs. Guidry to anyone contemplating purchasing a Cocker Spaniel. It is a lovable breed and very loyal to it's master.

Reviewer: Marcus, January 8, 2014    [ Delete ] Lola

My name is Stacey Stafford, my husband and I purchased a beautiful black female Cocker Spaniel puppy in 8/2012, she turned 1 this summer! . I had so many questions about this breed of puppy before purchase and Mrs. Guidry answered all of them. She made our purchase process so easy. She takes such great care of these puppies from birth. She has a genuine love for these animals. Our sweet girl Lola is just perfect. She has been perfectly healthy since purchase. People always tell us what a beautiful animal she is. We are so thrilled with our puppy and our experience with Mrs. Guidry was wonderful! If I can ever talk my husband into letting me have another puppy we will be going back to her!!!

Reviewer: Stacey, September 25, 2013    [ Delete ] My buying experience

My name is Morgan DeRouen and I purchased a beautiful, healthy buff male baby cocker from Mrs. Michelle Guidry on April 27th, 2013. My baby "Tucker" is now almost 7 months old and is my pride and joy. I could have not been happier with my first experience researching and purchasing a puppy of my own. Mrs. Michelle cares for her pups from her home in a family environment, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in getting a cocker spaniel of their own. Her dogs are so beautiful and are the sweetest!

Reviewer: Michelle, September 25, 2013    [ Delete ] Cozmo & Sally

I purchased a buff male in February 2013. He is absolutely adorable. I decided one was not enough so I called Michelle and started looking for a female. She was very helpful and had a 10 week old buff female from another set of cockers. She sent me pictures and that was it. We purchased the female in May 2013. I now have two beautiful AKC registered cockers who are just from great genes. They are smart, fun, loving & were very well taken care of from birth. I would recommend her puppies to any one. Actually I already have. People ask me all the time where I got them from and I tell them her website. They are just so playfully and beautiful.

Reviewer: Sandra, September 25, 2013    [ Delete ]